The Beginning..

Once upon a time on Elgin Street…Kochu Restaurant was born from two sisters’ grit and determination…

Korean-born sisters Misun and Miae Jang swung open the doors of their first eatery on March, 2008. With a menu drawn from their vision of bringing food from the Ottawa Far East to Ottawa, the result has been a healthy range of Sushi and Korean food prepared fresh, right before your eyes! Continually being on the cutting edge of Ottawa’s food wave and always wanting to stay in tune and connect with their customers, Kochu has ventured into online ordering and delivery service. After five years of enthusiastic appreciation from Ottawa, it has become apparent that the taste for the Kochu formula has broad appeal.

Bringing KOCHU to ‘Little Italy’

Presto! Kochu II has arrived on Preston St! After more than a year of creative planning and development, Kochu II was launched at 266 Preston Street near Gladstone Avenue in the spring of 2013. This boutique-style eatery provides healthy take-home meals, a funky sit-down area for singles and small groups, a chic nocturnal sake bar and, on weekends, Kochu on Prestion location offers a unique alternative brunch menu.

Kochu has a mood and a menu for everyone! Spicing up your life at KOCHU...

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